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        Situated on the side of a cliff just a stone’s throw from the sea near Land’s End, Shell Cottage provides an idyllic place for those who want a quiet retreat in beautiful surroundings.  The cottage is warm and comfortable and has spectacular views over the tiny fishing cove and out to sea.

        There is accommodation for up to six people, many of whom come as individuals in search of a time of prayer, study or reflection, with others coming in small groups.  There is a large communal room which is used for prayer, worship, parish groups, reading, as well as led Quiet Days and is kept silent at all times.  There is also a small prayer oratory, also silent, so anybody coming on their own can easily find quietness or total silence throughout their stay.

        The area is particularly beautiful and the cove is right on the coast path with wonderful walking from the doorstep for those who want it.  There is a sheltered patio in front of the house and several terraced lawns with seats, and high above the cottage overlooking the sea is a secluded outdoor hermitage with stunning views to the horizon and beyond.

        Shell Cottage is used by many different people and groups from all Christian denominations in an enormous variety of ways, but all with the purpose of seeking the opportunity to be still and to listen for the voice of God, for how can we expect to hear his voice if we never stop to listen?

        Throughout the year there are led Quiet Days, pilgrimage walks, study days and an annual Individually Guided Retreat details of which can be found in the notices section of this website.

  Shell Cottage is no longer run as a house of prayer and retreat. Please contact Bridget Hugh-Jones if you would like advice about other retreat houses, or get in touch with the Retreat Association (details on the link page). More information in the notices section, please click the picture below.


 Page updated on 5 Feb 2009